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ISO 14001


The preoccupation of IMSITEC, dedicated to the “Consulting and engineering of environmental facilities (Water treatment Plants; Incineration Plants; Solid Wastes treatment Plants)”, for the natural resources conservation (flora, fauna, waters, air, soils, landscape, natural spaces), the tendency of the society trough a more respectful actuation with the environment and the search of supportable development has decided to the company to motivate the implantation of a environmental management system in order to its working, services made activities and premises be respectful with the environment and with the environmental legislation involved.

The main axes of the system environmental policy are:

To use good constructive practices (machinery, methods and no damaging means for the environment) both inside as outside the works and services.
To prevent the contamination and to reduce the wastes and the resources consume always that it could be technical and economically possible.
To manage all the engineering works and consult through more respectful solutions with the environment, in the design as well as in their future application.
To have an immediate knowledge of the legislation and regulation applicable to the sector, and other agreements voluntarily subscribe for the company, watching over its fulfilment.
To promote the communication internal and external of the environmental policy of the organisation.
To integrate the Environmental Management System inside the Quality Management System.
To send the environment demands of IMSITEC to subcontractors, suppliers, customers and interested parties.
To carry out series of internal audit doomed to measure and to supervise the actions behaviour that configured the Environmental Management System.
This policy gives a framework to establish and to revise the quality objectives

To ensure its continuous adaptation will be revised annually in the system revision.