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ISO 9001


The preoccupation of IMSITEC, dedicated to the “Consulting and engineering of environmental facilities (Water treatment Plants; Incineration Plants; Solid Wastes treatment Plants)”, has as aim that the quality of products and services that it offers be a faithful reflection of the each customer’s expectation, ensuring the long term company success. For this reason it establishes, declares and assumes the next principles:.

The Quality is Professionalized.
The final Quality of the product delivered to the customer is the result of the systematic and planned actions of CONTINGENCY, DETECTION, CORRECTION AND CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT during all the cycle of product execution.
The agreement exigencies, the wishes and the customer expectative must be determinants in order to establish the quality canon of our products and services.
The Quality is a common mission for all the Company areas, each one has to assume that is customer and supplier of departments and people of the organisation. All the organisation working under the concept of customer/supplier will give support itself for the achievement of the predicted Quality.
The final product Quality is the result of the good working execution or task made.
Each IMSITEC employee is responsible of his quality work. The Quality Responsible deal with to motivate the implantation of the Policy and the Quality objectives, checking the execution through audit.
The application of this policy demands the active integration of all the human team of the company. In order to obtain this, the Direction considers as priority the Motivation and the Training for the Quality.
The methodology that will be used for communicate the policy of quality to all the company will be based on, at least, in the next actions:
- Direction circulars to all the company.
- Specific training to the implied people in the Quality System.
- Implantation of the system and supply of the resources suitable to each situation.

This policy supplies a framework to establish and to check the quality objectives.

This policy expects to establish the compromise of the company of carrying out the quality system requisites as the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000 rule says and the own continuous improvement.

In order to ensure its continuous adaptation will be check annually in the system checking.